About Adam

Adam is originally from a small town near Toronto, Ontario, CANADA. If you are really interested in my hometown, the name of it is Port Hope. I have been living and working in Japan as an English teacher since the fall of 1997. I came on the working holiday program with the idea of staying for at least 6 months and no longer than 2 years. As you have probably realized, I am STILL in Japan.

I enjoy the ocean very much. My family is very surprised, maybe even shocked about my fascination with the ocean. (I was 23 or 24 years old the first time I even SAW the ocean). I enjoy scuba diving and also surfing. My “local” surf point used to be Ooarai Sun Beach in Ibaraki Prefecture.

This beach is really popular for families and it really does look like this during the official summer season. Unfortunately, it was over 100 kilometers of narrow local roads to get there.  It took at least 3 hours to drive there and sometimes there weren’t even any decent waves!

Since moving to Shizuoka Prefecture, my new local points are Kashima and Yoshida which I post pictures of regularly.

However, my favourite beach (in Japan) is Tatadohama in Shizuoka Prefecture.

If you want to see more pictures of Tatadohama, this site posts pictures every day.

I also jog when I feel like it. I don’t particularly like training, but I love participating in races! I think I have done about 25 races over the last 5 years and hope to do 4 or so races a race in 2007 2008 sometime.

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