Some local cuisine in Nagasaki

Above are two sweets that were my “lunch” I wanted to eat a real dish and we found this restaurant: Unfortunately, it didn’t open until evening. We ended up giving up finding a local restaurant and went to the airport. Here’s what I had:

First real snow on Mt. Fuji

This is a picture from the 4th floor of the building my office is in. I don’t expect it to last through the weekend.

Some new dive gear

Here is my new dive computer and a SMB – surface marker buoy.

Boats! Big ‘uns and little ‘uns

Shimizu is a small harbor but there can be a lot of boat traffic… Above is a picture of the Bosei Maru, Tokai University’s research vessel. I was a little surprised to see it because I have never seen it at sea. An even rarer sighting is the cruise ship above – Asuka II which […]

Local diving hole

Here is a snapshot of the harbour here in Miho. As you can see, it’s pretty protected here. Of course, there is Mt. Fuji in the distance.

Day before the storm

The day before Typhoon 10

Peaceful morning

A calm morning around 6 am…


A quiet morning at Yoshida. Was in the water for nearly 3 hours – actually started to feel a bit cold Did I mention that it was also foggy? When I arrived, two people were in action. One surfer and one fisherman.

Today at Omaezaki

Interesting dish

Recently I went to a local fast food noodles shop and ordered this “healthy” dish which has one’s day of vegetables It’s hard to tell which vegetables are actually in this dish, but they are: lettuce, carrots, white radish, pumpkin (deep-fried), and okra.