Surf session

Despite the less than favourable forecast, I decided to go to the beach. It was overcast and even rained for a bit.  These pictures were taken after about 3 hours of action. Fortunately, the waves were bigger when I was actually surfing (and not taking pictures). The panorama shot above gives you an idea of how […]

Belated pizza of the week

Before baking After baking This was my first time using zuccini as a topping…It won’t be my last time.

Fuji Susono Marathon

Here are some pictures from last weekend’s half-marathon What better way to finish a long slow run than eating a healthy lunch?

Sunrise at the beach

Just after 5 am on Friday morning

Pizzas of the week

A few snapshots of last week’s pizzas Slightly different…you have to look carefully to see the difference

New wetsuit!

28th Nihondaira Sakura Marathon

After a long hiatus from running, I decided to the 10k race at the 28th Nihondaira Sakura Marathon. Of course, the name of marathon includes “sakura” which is cherry blossom in English, so here is an essential photo:   I convinced a friend to join me and we trained for about 12 weeks for the […]

Blogging on the go

I just got a new iPhone 4s. I am hoping that the convenience of mobile blogging will help me write more. Here’s a few pictures I took with my new phone.

Long time, no posts…

Well, I haven’t been to the beach yet this winter… Hopefully, next week I’ll be able to get in a session or two. Here’s a screen shot of my interview on Fuji TV a few weeks ago.  I think they talked to me for about 10 minutes to make a 4-second clip.  Haha For those […]

New Point

Haven’t been in the water for a couple of weeks. The wave forecast wasn’t very optimistic, but I really wanted to get in a session. I planned to meet at 6:30 at Yoshida but when I arrived, there was only 1 person there and he wasn’t getting ready to surf… Oh. After taking a peek, […]