The Fix-It Club

Not quite as exciting as The Fight Club with Brad Pitt… This website has almost 200 lessons showing how to repair things you might want to fix. Got a faulty fire extinguisher? a busted CD player? Unfortunately, there is no guide to repairing a burnt out backlight on an old G4 Imac.

Wanna watch movies for free??

At the Chinese website,, the Chinese version of YouTube, you can watch lots of full-length movies for free. It is helpful to be able to read Chinese, but I can’t and was able to find current movies like “Meet the Spartans” and “The Jumper” and of course, lots of music videos. Try it – […]

Improve your vocabulary!

Would you like to be able to: Formulate your ideas better Write better papers, emails and business letters Speak more precisely and persuasively Comprehend more of what you read Read faster because you comprehend better Get better grades in high school, college and graduate school Score higher on tests like the SAT, GRE, LSAT and […]

What’s on your mind??

I knew that I had a lot of stress, but I certainly didn’t expect that much!!

Star Wars Origami

A fan of Star Wars with origami skills made these cool Star Wars figures and vehicles. Visit this page to see more pictures.