Surf session

Despite the less than favourable forecast, I decided to go to the beach. It was overcast and even rained for a bit.  These pictures were taken after about 3 hours of action. Fortunately, the waves were bigger when I was actually surfing (and not taking pictures). The panorama shot above gives you an idea of how […]

A sunny fall day

A beautiful morning at the beach. Not great. Waves were better than when I took this picture…I suppose that is why I stopped surfing to take this snapshot.

September 8th


Apparently, this is a very popular wall of signs for tourists.  I followed the crowd and snapped this picture. Looks like a certain somewhat famous tower in Tokyo, doesn’t it? A view of Mt. Fuji from afar.

Hello September! (September 1st)

August 6th – typhoon fun?

Where are those tetrapods?  I know there out there somewhere… Oh – there they are…  I think another point might be a good idea! Down the road at Katahama: A little better?  A few brave stupid people out… Next stop: Sakai! Hard to believe that this is like 5 minutes away! By 11 am, it […]

August 5th

A fun morning at the beach!

August 4th

Deja vu!

August 3rd

Just another lazy summer day…

July 25th