Apparently, this is a very popular wall of signs for tourists.  I followed the crowd and snapped this picture. Looks like a certain somewhat famous tower in Tokyo, doesn’t it? A view of Mt. Fuji from afar.

Canadian Christmas!

Here’s the marquee of the Capital Theatre in Port Hope. Here are some pictures of houses with their Christmas lights:

Hakone (November 5th)

Autumn is finally here! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Road trip (October 11th – 12th)

A mere 300 kilometers from the house to Ooarai Sun Beach.   Here’s how it looked just after sunrise. Small but getting bigger.  At around 7 am, the crew and I got in the water.  The waves were a reasonable size and the new fins seemed to work well.  Caught lots of waves in the morning. […]

Kobe siteseeing

While having a few drinks and appetizers in the hotel lounge, I looked at a Kobe guidebook.  It mentioned that there are many western houses that are popular with Japanese tourists, but that the only place worth seeing is this shrine.  Here are a few pictures: We were quite disappointed to be honest.  Perhaps because […]

Nunobiki Falls

After visiting Nunobiki Herb Garden, we decided to hike back up the mountain to see a few waterfalls.  (It seems that most people buy one way tickets and walk back down).  Saves time and saves money – wait, that reminds me of… How exactly does eating at Sukiya save time and money?  Wouldn’t you save […]

Nunobiki Herb Garden

On the day after my birthday, we went sightseeing in Kobe.  The first place we visited was Nunobiki Herb Garden.  It is a 40-acre herb garden located on the top of Mount Rokko.  It has more than 200 varieties of herbs.  You can take a ski lift / ropeway or hike up the mountain from […]

Kobe Night View

This year we spent my birthday in Kobe.  This was our first time to go siteseeing in Kobe city. We stayed at a great hotel near Kobe station with a wonderful view of the city and the harbour.

Soufuku Temple (Soufuku-ji)

The last place we visited in Nagasaki was Soufuku-ji. This is a temple that was built by a Chinese monk in 1692.  Two of the buildings have been designated as national treasures.

Confucius Shrine (Koushi-byo)

We also visited Confucius Shrine (Kyoushi-byo) – it is the only shrine dedicated to Confucius outside of China that was built by Chinese.  The original shrine was built in 1893 but was destroyed by the bombings of the Second World War.  The shrine was completed renovated in 1982.