Smoky flavor will makes you hungry!

Excuse the low quality of this photo.  I snapped this with my cellphone.  In case you can’t read it, here’s what it says: Juicy Pork Rib meets BBQ sauce! Smoky flavor will makes you hungry. Looks unique shape, but VOLUME MANTEN! Good thing I had already ordered it before I saw this confusing catch copy.  […]

How many mistakes can you see?!

While window shopping in one of the local surf shops, I found this wonderful Billabong fleece sweatshirt.  I couldn’t believe what I had found.  Check out the patch “Onry A Surfer Know The Feering” – Is this some kind of joke?  A product that appeals to Engrish users? Or did some creative genius not bother […]

Tokai University (Shimizu Campus)

This is a view of the building that my office is in. (My office is on the 2rd floor). The circular ramp is an interesting feature which caught my eye when I attended a conference here two years ago. This is a picture taken from the 3rd floor of the circular ramp. If you look […]