Nunobiki Falls

After visiting Nunobiki Herb Garden, we decided to hike back up the mountain to see a few waterfalls.  (It seems that most people buy one way tickets and walk back down).  Saves time and saves money – wait, that reminds me of… How exactly does eating at Sukiya save time and money?  Wouldn’t you save […]

Nunobiki Herb Garden

On the day after my birthday, we went sightseeing in Kobe.  The first place we visited was Nunobiki Herb Garden.  It is a 40-acre herb garden located on the top of Mount Rokko.  It has more than 200 varieties of herbs.  You can take a ski lift / ropeway or hike up the mountain from […]

Kobe Night View

This year we spent my birthday in Kobe.  This was our first time to go siteseeing in Kobe city. We stayed at a great hotel near Kobe station with a wonderful view of the city and the harbour.