Soufuku Temple (Soufuku-ji)

The last place we visited in Nagasaki was Soufuku-ji. This is a temple that was built by a Chinese monk in 1692.  Two of the buildings have been designated as national treasures.

Confucius Shrine (Koushi-byo)

We also visited Confucius Shrine (Kyoushi-byo) – it is the only shrine dedicated to Confucius outside of China that was built by Chinese.  The original shrine was built in 1893 but was destroyed by the bombings of the Second World War.  The shrine was completed renovated in 1982.

Nagasaki Kakuni Manju

While siteseeing in Nagasaki, we had a wonderful local food – Nagasaki Kakuni Manju.  Basically, it is a bun with a very fatty chunk of BBQ’d pork inside.  It was around 350 yen, but it was worth it.  Yummy! While riding the bus on the way to the airport, some people were eating them.  I […]

Huis Ten Bosch

For our 6th wedding anniversary, we decided that we’d travel domestically because there are many places in Japan that we haven’t been to yet.  We chose to take a one-night trip to Nagasaki – in particular, we were interested in visiting Huis Ten Bosch – the 152 hectare “European resort of flowers”. (this image was […]