New Point

Haven’t been in the water for a couple of weeks. The wave forecast wasn’t very optimistic, but I really wanted to get in a session. I planned to meet at 6:30 at Yoshida but when I arrived, there was only 1 person there and he wasn’t getting ready to surf… Oh. After taking a peek, […]

Forgot the camera! (October 19th)

The winds were strong and the surf was terrible at Yoshida, Shizunami and Kashima.  We decided to check out Omaezaki. I took this grainy picture of Omaezaki (Melon) with my digital camera. Nice looking waves!  Unfortunately, there was a Nippon Surfing Association (NSA) contest being held.  Tons of surfers were in the water.  A little […]

Oh My! (September 18th)

Another rainy day with a forecast for small waves.  Small really doesn’t describe the waves today at Yoshida: One solitary surfer hoping for some rideable waves.  A couple of days earlier, the waves at Omaezaki were great, so we decided to make the 30 km trek there.

First session of the year!

This is a picture from Tuesday (3/18) at Omaezaki. Not a very high quality picture, but it was inspiring enough for me to dig out the surf gear. I finally got in contact my friend in Hamamatsu and decided to meet up yesterday. The water wasn’t so cold – just wore my suit and boots […]