First real snow on Mt. Fuji

This is a picture from the 4th floor of the building my office is in. I don’t expect it to last through the weekend.

May 7th…

The wave forecast didn’t look too promising, but I decided to head to the beach anyways. It was pretty windy as well. When I arrived at the beach at around 7 am, there were only 4 surfers in the water. Not a promising sign. As they say, a day at the beach beats a day […]

The Burger Battle Continues

Tired of wimpy burgers that aren’t satisfying?? Asyl, a restaurant near Akihabara station sells the 20 cm. tall burger pictured below.  The “Aki Burger” sells for a mere 1890 yen.  To my untrained eyes, it looks like two burgers stacked on top of each other.  For directions to the restaurant, visit the restaurant’s website here.

View of Mt. Fuji

Although we don’t live so close to Mt. Fuji, on clear mornings we can see it. This is the view this morning from our stairwell.  Click the picture to see it better.

A word with no vowels?

The other day I saw this picture and didn’t believe that this was a real photograph. I figured that someone had been playing with Photoshop. But this is a real photo. Zzyzx Road is a small road in California. Here’s a link to the wikipedia entry for Zzyzx, California.