May 14th – Part Deux

I was game for trying a new point, so I put on a T-shirt and jumped in the car.  (I must have looked ridiculous – I was half-wearing a wetsuit and a T-shirt).  There was no way I was going to bother taking off my wetsuit and then put it back on in a few […]

May 14th – Typhoon No. 2

Like usual, the forecast was for rain.  When I rolled out of bed at 5:30 am, it was raining.  It don’t look like it was raining too hard so I got ready.  When I went outside, it was raining hard enough that I got an umbrella and was having second thoughts about going.  These thoughts […]

New home point?

After a brief stop at Ohama beach, we decided to continue along the coast. We drove about 40 kilometers to the nearest surf point (that we know of)… Shizunami Beach – we had heard of this beach, but had never been there before.  The wave forecast predicted tiny or no waves, so I didn’t even […]

Our local beach – Ohama

As you probably know, Shizuoka city is on the ocean.  Although our apartment is centrally located, (less than a 10 minute walk to the main train station), we are also close to the beach.  The closest beach to our home is Ohama beach.  It is about 3 km away – certainly a reasonable cycling distance.  […]

My new office.

Here is a picture of my half of the office. On clear days, I can see Mt. Fuji through the window. During the month of April, I think there has been only one or two days that I could see it – and on those days I didn’t have the camera with me! Winter is […]

Big Win at the Track!

On the way back home from the beach, we stopped at “Wild Boar Village”. We have passed by it several times but we have never stopped. Entry is 700 yen for adults – but we weren’t disappointed. Every day, three wild boar races are held at this track. With encouragement from the handlers, they’re off! […]

Surf’s Up…kinda.

On Saturday, we made our second visit of the year to… We left at around 3 am, but decided to take the route along the ocean instead of driving through the mountains. It is an extra 20 kilometers but it certainly is an easier drive – especially in the early hours of the morning. The […]

April 12th.

Last night I was quite tired and didn’t feel too motivated to make the long drive to the beach.  Although classes don’t start until next week, I was tired after spending all day making handouts for the first week of classes.  The weather report predicted overcast weather and a 30% chance of rain and on […]