It’s been a while… (January 23rd)

Another almost flat morning at Yoshida.  Actually, on the 21st I also went to Yoshida, Shizunami, Kashima and Katahama – all no good.  So I was looking forward to getting in the water.  I haven’t really been able to use my new suit much yet.  How would Shizunami be?

Hello again! Long time no surfing… (November 12th)

Here’s what it looked like at Yoshida… Better than last time, but not that great so we moved down to Shizunami. A little bit better.  Played here for about an hour and half until the wind really picked up.  Hard to believe that it is the middle of November!

Double Session (October 15th)

Today was Wednesday – my official surf day.  I was hoping to have a good outing today.  First stop – Yoshida at around 6 am. Not too bad.  I caught a fair number of waves.  At around 9 am, some more surfers arrived and that Shizunami was even better…

National Holiday! (October 13th)

I wasn’t planning on going surfing today – I was kinda tired after the drive back from Ibaraki.   I planned on sleeping in – unfortunately, the alarm clock wasn’t turned off.  Once I’m awake, it’s difficult to go back to sleep.  Why not go to the beach?

Another rainy morning (October 9th)

A familiar sight at Yoshida – rainy, small waves and a couple of fishermen.  Next stop – Shizunami.

The official weekly session (October 8th)

It was raining when I woke up this morning.  That isn’t enough to stop me from going to the beach, but it certainly makes the roads crowded.  The traffic was unbelievable today.  It usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour to drive from my home to the beach, but today it took an hour […]

Something different… (October 7th)

As the title suggests, I decided to do something different today.  I would go surfing AFTER work.  What a crazy idea – would it work?? A rare appearance by Mr. Fuji – minus the layer of snow.  I guess that there will be snow there in the next month or so.  This is my first […]

The 280th day of the year – better known as October 6th

It was raining quite heavily this morning but the wave forecast looked promising.  Recently we have been visiting several points looking for suitable waves.  Would today be the same? As always, the first stop was Yoshida but it had only tiny waves – almost flat.  There were only 3 or 4 fisherman there.  Surprisingly, they […]

Shizuoka Longboard Classic (October 4th – 5th)

I’m not a longboarder and I’m not really interested in watching surf contests, but I just happened to be here at the right? wrong? time.  While looking for waves, we stopped at Shizunami.  The parking lots were really full – it’s not summer and the waves weren’t big at all so that could only mean […]

Yoshida? Shizunami? Kashima? (October 4th)

I knew the waves probably wouldn’t be too good today but it was going to be warm and sunny.  So I didn’t want to miss a nice autumn day of surfing (winter will soon be here I’m sure).  I was determined to find some place with some waves!