A word with no vowels?

The other day I saw this picture and didn’t believe that this was a real photograph. I figured that someone had been playing with Photoshop. But this is a real photo. Zzyzx Road is a small road in California. Here’s a link to the wikipedia entry for Zzyzx, California.

Would you like to buy a beard?

This American man is selling or trading his beard. It comes in this handy jar… For more details, follow this link Sorry, the link has died. I wonder if he found a buyer!

World’s largest sand castle?

Over the last two months, more than 1,000 people worked on building this sand castle.  It is 31.7 feet tall. Guinness Book of Records will determine if this is the world’s largest sand castle.

Recycle those messages in bottles!

LONDON (Reuters) – Incurable romantic Stuart Conway has spent the last 10 years throwing messages in a bottle into the sea off Britain — but now his local town council says it’s time to recycle. A quirky eccentric ever eager to spread a little happiness, he has a website offering to print out people’s innermost […]

A $1,000,000 coin?

OTTAWA (AFP) – The Royal Canadian Mint will soon unveil a gold coin worth one million Canadian dollars (850,000 US dollars), an official told AFP. But the valuable loonie, a sobriquet given to Canadian one-dollar coins, will not go into circulation, said mint spokeswoman Pam Aung Thin.”It’s a new denomination for us,” she said. “However, […]

Farley Mowat – A Canadian Pirate Ship!

This article caught my attention. Why? First, Farley Mowat is a famous Canadian author that lives in my hometown. Second, I’m sure that there aren’t many Canadian pirate ships. Finally, it is a ship with a man’s name! (Even though the ship has a man’s name, they still refer to it as “she”).   The […]

Stolen car found almost 30 years later!

Three months after buying a brand new blue Corvette for $6,000 in 1968, Alan Poster had his pride and joy stolen from a parking garage in Manhattan.Unable to afford car insurance at the time, he thought he had lost his prized possession forever. However, in January 2006 U.S. Customs found the ’68 Vette in Long […]