Sunrise at Yoshida (November 13th)

Another beautiful sunrise at Yoshida.  Had a great session before work!  Unfortunately, the waves were getting better just as I had to leave to go to work…typical.

Glorious sunrise! (October 30th)

Around 6 am at Yoshida – took this snap with my cell phone.  Once again, I forgot the digital camera.  Maybe I am becoming senile?  The surf was small when I got in the water.  (I was the first surfer to arrive at the beach today – I had to move the barrier so I […]

A grainy day (October 29th)

Here’s how it looked at Yoshida this morning.  Another nice morning for taking pictures, not a great day for surfing.  Ended up going to Katahama and playing in the shore break.  Didn’t take any pictures of Katahama because I only had my cell phone with me.  Sorry.  Maybe next time!

Another beautiful Monday! (October 20th)

Traffic was good today and I was able to get to the beach in time to take these sunrise photos: Nice fall weather – looks like another good day for fishing.  Would the waves get good before I have to go to work?