Tatadohama Weekend (September 6th – 7th)

Finally, we are spending the night at Tatadohama.  Earlier in the week, the forecast had been for rain, but the rain is going to miss this part of Japan.  Going to spend the weekend at our favourite beach in Japan!

Return to Tatadohama (August 15th)

We decided to go to Tatadohama.  It is in the middle of the Ubon holidays, so we didn’t know what the traffic and the crowds would be like.  We left our house at around 11:30 pm and arrived at around 2:30 am.  As expected, the parking lot was almost full – we got the last […]

Ocean Day weekend at Tatadohama

We have been looking forward to returning to Tatadohama for several weeks now.  Several years ago, we went to the summer fireworks festival at Shirahama (a popular beach nearby) and loved it.  We wanted to see the fireworks again this year but unfortunately I had to proctor a reading exam at the university in the […]

Surf’s Up…kinda.

On Saturday, we made our second visit of the year to… We left at around 3 am, but decided to take the route along the ocean instead of driving through the mountains. It is an extra 20 kilometers but it certainly is an easier drive – especially in the early hours of the morning. The […]

April 12th.

Last night I was quite tired and didn’t feel too motivated to make the long drive to the beach.  Although classes don’t start until next week, I was tired after spending all day making handouts for the first week of classes.  The weather report predicted overcast weather and a 30% chance of rain and on […]

First session of the year!

This is a picture from Tuesday (3/18) at Omaezaki. Not a very high quality picture, but it was inspiring enough for me to dig out the surf gear. I finally got in contact my friend in Hamamatsu and decided to meet up yesterday. The water wasn’t so cold – just wore my suit and boots […]