Day before the storm

The day before Typhoon 10

Peaceful morning

A calm morning around 6 am…


A quiet morning at Yoshida. Was in the water for nearly 3 hours – actually started to feel a bit cold Did I mention that it was also foggy? When I arrived, two people were in action. One surfer and one fisherman.

Surf session

Despite the less than favourable forecast, I decided to go to the beach. It was overcast and even rained for a bit.  These pictures were taken after about 3 hours of action. Fortunately, the waves were bigger when I was actually surfing (and not taking pictures). The panorama shot above gives you an idea of how […]

September 8th

August 4th

Deja vu!

June 25th

At least it wasn’t raining! Here’s Mr. S. showing how it should be done!

June 24th

A rainy day at the beach.

May Day (May 13th)

Hard to believe that is was the 13th of the month and that I hadn’t been surfing yet.  I tried to go out on the 7th but the conditions were terrible (heavy rain, strong winds and nasty waves) all the way from Yoshida to Omaezaki.  Naturally, I checked all the points in between.  I was […]

Official Weekly Session (April 22nd)

As the morning passed, the waves got better.  It was a nice morning of surfing!