Happy Monday! (April 20th)

School’s now in full swing, so I can comfortably enjoy going surfing in the mornings again.. . As you can see, not exactly crowded…  wonder why?

Thursday (April 16th)

How would today compare with yesterday?  I imagined that it would be an average small-ish day at Yoshida. One of the local longboarders that I regularly see in action.  Don’t know his name (yet).

Official weekly session (April 15th)

One of my favourite days of week is Wednesday because it is my official surfing day (unless I have a pesky department meeting). The websites at several of the local shops predicted monster waves – would they be correct?!? First stop – Yoshida!

School’s in session! (April 13th)

I had a nice two-hour session before school.  It’s amazing how much nicer work seems after a fun morning at the beach!

Little Wednesday (April 8th)

Looked like a lake today!  Perfect conditions for swimming.  I just snapped these two pictures and left the beach.  My spring vacation is officially over.

Tuesday (April 7th)

Another day of small waves. Even smaller than last Friday.  It was a warm day – spring has finally sprung!  The waves were so small that even catching one was difficult.  I decided to do lots of paddling practice and I paddled the width of the beach.  My arms were tired after that!

Friday (April 3rd)

Today was the last Friday of my spring vacation.  I was looking forward to a good day of surfing… Not very promising.  So we decided to check out some other breaks…

April Fool’s Day (April 1st)

No joking – today was a pretty good day… The waves were smaller than yesterday’s but what would happen with the changing tide? A shortboarder waiting for a suitable wave… Showing how to ride the little waves!

Tuesday (March 31st)

Another beautiful sunrise… The waves were noticeably better than yesterday too… Had a great session – broke out the old K-Board and gave it a go.  It was amazing how different the ride is!

Happy Monday! (March 30th)

Pretty quiet day at Yoshida – the wind was a bit brisk.  I met a longboarder who usually surfs here on the weekends and Monday mornings.  BTW, I also wore my 3 mm for the first time this year.  It was cold but certainly easier to paddle!