Tokai University (Shimizu Campus)

This is a view of the building that my office is in. (My office is on the 2rd floor). The circular ramp is an interesting feature which caught my eye when I attended a conference here two years ago.

This is a picture taken from the 3rd floor of the circular ramp. If you look closely, you’ll see some skateboard ramps at the end of the parking lot. Behind the trees, is the beach!

Beside the parking lot, is the university baseball / soccer fields. When the weather is good, students like to fool around here!

Here are the hard tennis courts. There also two basketball hoops here as well.

Here’s a sign for the “Lifegard” club. Would you trust these guys with your life?

Here’s one of today’s lunch specials. Look what you can get for 470 yen. Three fried green pepper & chicken balls, spaghetti salad, miso soup and rice. Not particularly healthy, but filled my stomach!

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