Huis Ten Bosch

For our 6th wedding anniversary, we decided that we’d travel domestically because there are many places in Japan that we haven’t been to yet.  We chose to take a one-night trip to Nagasaki – in particular, we were interested in visiting Huis Ten Bosch – the 152 hectare “European resort of flowers”.

(this image was borrowed from the park’s homepage)

We enjoy taking pictures of flowers, so we thought that this would be a nice place to visit.  We weren’t sure what to expect, but I had a slight suspicion that the park would be filled with senior citizens looking at flowers wilting in the summer heat…

As expected, the park is enormous.  Many people rent bicycles, tandem-bicycles and even this monster bicycle:

Yes, a bicycle for 6 – room for 4 adults and 2 babies.  I’m sure the average family visiting the park needs one of these!

We opted for a more exotic form of transportation:

That’s right – Segway Personal Transporters.  To be specific, these are i2 models – a mere $4,500 at your local Sam’s Club.  We did a one-hour tour of the park – the first 15 or 20 minutes consisted of orientation / practice and the remainder of the time we cruised around part of the park.  Great fun – I highly recommend trying one.  Next time we visit Oahu, we might just take the Segway tour of Waikiki.

Here are a couple of pictures at the park:

As expected, there are lots of “museums” in the park.  There is a trick painting/photo museum.  We enjoyed looking at the paintings but didn’t take many pictures actually.  Here’s a fun illusion:

Great fun!  We also enjoyed the attractions.  Of course, taking pictures in the attractions is prohibited, but in my next post about Huis Ten Bosch, I’ll describe our favourite two attractions.

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